Therapeutic Approach

My therapeutic approach is grounded in western science and influenced by the richness
of the wisdom traditions. My unique healing approach integrates family systems theory,
psycho-education, deep introspection and mindfulness. My depth, humor and
relatability create a tone of understanding and safety. My style is eclectic and
collaborative, with my primary focus on establishing a relationship of complete trust and
my belief in your inherent wholeness.

Individual Therapy

Collaboratively, you and I will engage in an emotionally intelligent process. Through
greater understanding of yourself, you’ll learn how to interpret your own thoughts and
feelings, and more fluidly navigate the world and your relationships within it. My work
cultivates self awareness, empowered action and deep acceptance. My insightful and
solution-focused process creates clarity, the resolution of trauma/conflict, and fosters
healing and peace.

Couples Therapy

Couples are asked to define what a fulfilling relationship would look/feel like. Assessing
communication patterns, values, expectations and depth of connection helps inform the
goals of therapy. Through the therapeutic process, new ways of relating emerge and
emotionally intelligent communication patterns replace limited ones. Forgiveness,
acceptance and compassion become more natural. Deepened and respectful
connection is enhanced through compromise, authentic communication, and values in

Family Therapy

Families are supported as they seek to establish greater harmony within the home.
Guidance is offered for a variety of circumstances...from instinct- based attachment
parenting, to nurturing your toddler to connecting with your teen. Although one member
of the family may be struggling, the wisdom of family therapy allows us to look at the
family as a whole, while still honoring/attending to its individual members. Balance can
be restored through effective leadership, new boundaries, emotionally intelligent
communication, stress management techniques, compassion, and genuine connection.
Families are supported in creating and achieving a vision for themselves of a
sustainable and happy home life.

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