Holistic Life Coaching Testimonials

"Teressa provides a relaxed atmosphere and uses her friendly and disarming demeanour to make you feel at ease. She genuinely cares and it shows. Teressa seems to have knowledge in all things Zen which shines thru in her wealth of helpful stories and relatable parables, allowing you to be gently guided towards your desired brain space. You will understand why it's called "Living Awareness". The meditation practices she teaches can be carried around with you as you move thru life, like a security blanket you use when you need the extra comfort. Healing can begin in her office and she can help you realize your own happiness!"
~ The Nolans

"Working with Teressa is very rewarding. She makes you feel comfortable quickly, provides insights that make you truly think about things and is always working towards consciousness and remaining present. Her sincerity and warmth can make you feel safe even when delving into troubling issues. Her dedication and true caring for me through this process has gone above and beyond expectations. The greatest compliment I can give to a therapist is when they make me strive to possess some of their best qualities. Teressa exceeds that."
~ Mike

"I have been in and out of therapy for 30 years. I am so thankful to finally have found to Teressa Cohen / living awareness. Teressa has saved my life. She has helped me transform into the person I've always wanted to be. She is compassionate, loving and non-judgemental. My partner and I had seen a traditional couples therapist three times and it did not help our relationship at all. The first time we saw Teressa together as a couple, our relationship greatly improved. She is able to take the emotion out and explain things in a way that is easy for both of us to understand. Our relationship continues to grow and deepen due to Teressa's patience, understanding and guidance. Teressa is a wonderful, deeply gifted woman. I respect her and her work greatly."
~ Jessica

"I have been lucky enough to have Teressa as my teacher over the past several years. Through times of personal struggle and inner conflict, she has served as my teacher, guiding me to find my own insight, centeredness, and awareness…to walk through each day living in the moment. Ultimately, she helped me to find a greater happiness. "
~ Linda, Manchester

Kundalini Yoga Testimonials

"I find Kundalini yoga to be the most joyful yoga practice. Teressa with her warm voice guides each practitioner through kriyas (a series of postures and breath work with an intended purpose or result in mind) and can easily accommodate physical limitations. I can feel the soreness in my muscles after a nice session but never feel that I have overextended myself in a harmful manner. The inclusion of chanting to open and close the practice creates a magical connection with the people in class that never takes itself too seriously, you will hear laughter from a group of people walking around like elephants. Teressa is a patient and kind guide through the postures and will cheer you on through repetition of movements that will leave you exhausted. She is an unwavering cheerleader, you will never feel that there is a drill master in the room telling you that you aren’t doing things correctly or hard enough, and this is why I love practicing under Teressa. Sat nam!"
~ Amber E.

"I can attest personally to Teressa's wonderful abilities as a teacher because she has been working with me individually for private therapeutic yoga instruction every week. She willingly and graciously devotes herself to make my health, both mental and physical, better, by doing the various breathing exercises, the yoga postures, and mindful meditation with me. She is always patient and encouraging even if I am not able to do some of the things easily. Her gentle manner and inner kindness and strength make her an outstanding teacher and guide to both children and adults. Anyone who has the good fortune to work under her guidance is indeed fortunate."
~ Jerilyn, West Hartford, Age 70

"I have always struggled with muscle tension and poor concentration due to severe anxiety. I've only taken a few Kundalini yoga classes, but even after the first class, I felt these issues start to improve.

"This is a different kind of yoga - it focuses more on mental and spiritual well-being as well as the body. The practices in class make me feel invigorated physically, and empowered and calmed mentally. What's better is that a lot of these practices (such as breathing techniques) are easy to do anywhere, so I can help myself feel less anxious anytime I need it.

"Also, if you think you just can't get anything out of the practices, I can tell you you'll get at least one thing out of Kundalini yoga - freedom from your inhibitions! Even if you don't believe the poses work or anything like that, I promise you, you'll leave feeling glad you did something out of the ordinary and challenged yourself to do something new.

"Teressa's class is free from judgement; it is a 100% supportive and relaxing environment. I would recommend it to anyone who struggles with anxiety, depression, anger or other issues, or just wants to do something new and feel good!"
~Liz W., Age 21

Living Awareness Workshop Testimonials

"I just wanted to thank you so much for all of the insights and wisdom that you imparted last night. I think there is such a need for this type of information at this time. We are all so busy, trying to do the best we can, and it is easy to get "stuck in a rut" of old habits because it seems to be the easiest thing to move on to the next task. Life is truly about the journey, and utilizing your techniques will make a positive difference in each moment. I woke up this morning feeling very hopeful of making some lasting changes to my family....Without home responsibilities waiting for me, I would have been happy to stay another several hours!!!" 
~ Samantha, Manchester

"Teressa Cohen's extraordinary depth of understanding, compassion and insight around this topic makes her workshops meaningful and transformative. This program left an impactful shift in perception for the participants, and she equipped them with practical tools for continuing this important work long after the session was over. We look forward to her gracious presence at future workshops!"
~ Ananda J., The Spiritual Life Center, West Hartford

"I recently attended a Living Awareness seminar and found it to be thoughtful, informative, thought provoking, and interactive. The seminar was conducted in a professional but light-hearted, often times humorous, casual manner allowing those attending to feel comfortable in asking questions and sharing ideas and experiences. My hat is off to Teressa Cohen, the presenter and facilitator who did a wonderful job of presenting the subject matter, giving examples for illustrative purposes and encouraging input from all of the attendees. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone who is looking for a fresh perspective and new approach to enhancing family member relationships."
~ Tom, Simsbury