Workplace Wellness Coaching

Corporate/ Small Business Staff Support

My passion is in helping people live free and empowered lives, and to strengthen community through common goals of shared contentment and success!

We know that happy and self-assured individuals lead to productive and creative employees within a cohesive work culture.

“Teressa is energetic, relatable, and insightful. She captivated my team. After her workshop, we returned to our desks with greater motivation. Stress decreased, and productivity increased. We look forward to her next session.”

~ Gina Ford, Commercial Spares Account Manager, Pratt & Whitney

The Awareness Process

A workplace mindfulness course addressing Stress from a unique “root cause” approach. Most stress management courses aim to relieve symptoms once the stress has already been chronic. In this way, they are reactive in their efforts. Instead, I will help your staff learn how to be both self-aware and empowered in order to not only manage stress symptoms but also transcend them. My workshops offer enlightened education in the form of engaging discussion, experiential exercises and partner work.

The Awareness Process covers:

• Mindfulness as the foundation for being present to one’s personal and work life
• Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence as preventative measures to stress and the enhancement of personal fulfillment.
• Total Nourishment to ensure self-care and support physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing.
• Conscious Community as a means of expanding peer support and relational satisfaction in the workplace.

The Awareness Process is offered as 4 workshops. The length of time can be adjusted to fit your schedule. These workshops can also be offered as stand-alone sessions and are always customized to the needs of your staff.